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Information to the - network for peace is an international cyber organization that concerns to the solution for the Palestine and Israeli conflict.

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I have jointed this network recently when I was looking for an update information on the conflict in Palestine-Israeli during the last war.

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I wrote my poem which is titled in Indonesia "Tuhan berdamai di Gaza, Palestina" (God makes peace in Gaza, Palestine). You can find the poem on this link

My goal to join this is to link the international movement with my people in Indonesia who are from different religious, cultural, and political view, educational and economical backgrounds. Therefore with my writing on the issue of Palestine and Israel, the Indonesian people can check it directly into the original groups who have involved to achieve the peace in the area.

At the network,  I have started to create the movement of peace by posting pictures with my own comments.

If you would like to continue enjoying the resources you can find at another blog of mine. I began posting the link in this blog "Indonesiaku Indonesiamu Indonesia untuk semua", however, I have decided to move to the English version of my blog. You can find it at "Farsidarasjana" to begin with this link which will bring you to the channel, to the entire labyrinths of the networks. Please see at,

Thank you and salam
Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta

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